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Rearset F.A.Q.

General Install Instructions:

Installation is pretty straight forward. If instructions are followed the install will go smoothly.

The most important step during install is tightening of the rearset assembly to the mount (not supplied), onto the frame of the bike.

It is CRITICAL that care is taken during this step.

By design, the assembly only needs to be tightened to the point the footpeg does not spin. The locking hardware is intended to keep the assembly tight to the mount after this point of tightening is achieved.

Further tightening or over tightening at this step can and likely will damage the sealed bearings installed into the rearset components.

If this happens we highly recommend replacing the bearings before continuing the installation.

Replacement bearings are widely available from local auto parts stores. The bearing number is printed on the seal portion of the bearing itself.

It's highly recommended that once completely assembled on the bike that extra locking / fasteners be used. Such as cotter keys, double nutting or safety wiring of all fasteners in order to make certain parts are securely attached to your mounting system.

All linkage or other fasteners that are used to attach to the rearsets must be cotter pinned, safety wired or assembled in a permanent fashion.

All fasteners should have "thread lock" installed to finalize installation.

Care and cleaning: As with any custom part, maintenance and cleaning is needed to keep the part looking and performing as intended. Aluminum parts need to be polished to keep the luster and shine. Remove any grime that accumulates around any moving points. No lubrication is used with sealed bearings.

NOTE: Hand polished versions of the rearsets are shipped with a clear acrylic coating intended to protect the surface finish of the parts during shipping, handling and installation. This coating is removable with normal washing of the bike. Once the coating has been removed, parts must be cared for like any other polished aluminum part or component.



Once assembled the bearing(s) should extend outwards on both sides of the assembly. This allows the rearset to swivel and rotate without binding. There should be no gap between the arms when assembled correctly.
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Lock Washer inserts into footpeg on main mounting bolt and cannot be seen when installed correctly.

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